Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Riding on MRT, Safe or Unsafe?

Safety assurance is expected by everyday commuters who take MRT. How safe are they? Another rail transit accident has been reported by national news agency recently. Mismanagement, inefficiency or what have you is directed to the administrator of Metro Rail Transit and the DOTC because of the rail mishap.

1. Accidents do really happen everyday in any form and derailment is one which considered among the worse thing in the record of accident occurrence in MRT.

2. Metro Rail Transit (MRT) manned by James Duque happened to fail to run or couldn't operate as usual for insufficient power. "Rescue train" was dispatched manned by Heigen Villacarios.

3. Duque informed control center through his means of communication.

4. Control center advised him to try running it for several attempts but failed.

5. Villacarios attached the connecting gadget or the copling to his train and pushed the stalled train safely.

6. Beyond the expectation of both train divers, the steel pin suddenly went off and forced the stalled train to get out from the rail.

7. Station barrier in Taft Avenue was smashed by the detached unpowered train and hurt several numbers of riding passengers.

8. Reported were thirty-eight train passengers who were hurt and injured and rushed to nearby hospital. Everyone was taken cared of. Hospital bills shouldered by MRT agency.

9. Series of blame hit Metro Rail Transit (MRT) administration and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya wasn't exempted.

10. Sub-standard train system, malfunction, lack of maintenance, inefficiency of administration and supervision were among the common issues being hurled to MRT management and even the government.

11. Even the issue of bid of maintenance contract which is already expired became the part of the controversy which involved PHTRAMS-Vitangcol group.

12. Still loyal administrator of MRT and even Abaya is apt to depend the unhealthy issue of MRT mishap. MRT is still safe means of transportation to cater the daily transportation utility of million of people traveling day in and day out.

13. Sad to note, however, it was learned that trains purchased by government were unsafe. Train specification and build are missing key safety components necessary to ensure the safety of the riding public.

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