Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who Is Reliable: Casanova or Domogan?

Truth .sets. you. free
(This is an issue to Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) which is tagged as "an enemy of the City of Baguio" in which BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Arnel Casanova issued and published an open letter to Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan who also answered publicly through their official website.)

1 BCDA is friendly with the people of Baguio, said Casanova in the letter.

2 BCDA is not as claimed by Casanova for several reasons, retorted Mayor Domogan in a reply made to their site.

3 BCDA has contributed so much income with the improvement of the city of Baguio and some area of Central Luzon, disclosed Casanova.

4 Development has effected in the city of Baguio, said Mayor Domogan, but it was too slow for a substantial delay so to speak.

5 Tourism was being bolstered or promoted by Camp John Hay Development Corp(CJHDevCo), stated CEO Casanova.

6 However, only 30% of the revenues were given to the city, Mayor Domogan noted from the BIR.

7 Because the BCDA is promoting the economic and social development of Central Luzon is already friendly and not "an enemy". Is that so?

8 Mayor Domogan has the complete grasp of what is unreasonable for the actuation of BCDA while the city is in business deal with it for several years.

9 For all we know, a lie is a lie, but when it is collaborated with two or more individuals it becomes reliable. Do you agree?

10 Truth when twisted by prevarication because of pressure and difficulty in various forms becomes a lie. Again, is it so?

11 Is evidence relayed may serve the essence of reality, veracity or truth for that matter?

12 Nothing is impossible when crooks did work artfully to twist reality and truth from realization.

13 But truth makes everyone free and has a genuine peace of mind. So be it.

You. may. check. it. here .on .their. respective .allegations. of. BCDA. Casanova. and .Mayor. Domogan:

1. Casanova's. Letter
2. Baguio City's Reply


Leira Pagaspas said...

What's ironic is that Casanova seems to br backtracking on many positions he took against Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDEVCO)This situation is very sticky for both Baguio and BCDA

Gil Camporazo said...

You're. absolutely .correctly. in. your .observation. .I. am. terrbily. wondering. why. and. why?

papaleng said...

Both parties have aired their sides and even to a lowly Juan dela Cruz, Casanova is lying. Perhaps his intention in writing that open letter is to gain public sympathy.


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