Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MRT Controversy, Will It Be Resolved?

MRT Holdings
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1. Metro Rail Transit (MRT) has become the center of transportation issue or controversy just recently.

2. When a defective train derailed, overshot the train station in Taft Avenue sometime in August this year and injured several commuters, an incident became the issue of mismanagement, irresponsibility.

3. The issue seems to drag to the extreme, making the riding public confused and disturbed.

4. The government is too adamant to negotiate with the MTRC as far as maintenance is concerned, but 80% of the stocks were owned by the government.

5. This is because the government's staunch is focused in the economy point of view, thus it unable to maintain it and even manage it which seems so requires.

6. Bob Sobrepena's first live interview about MRT by Karen Davila of ANC disclosed that MRTC is owned by several private companies like Astoria, Anglo, Railco, Sheridan, Fil-Estate, Emerging Allied, DBH Inc.

7. MRT's conflicts have kept on piling up. Proposal to acquire additional new trains for there's unprecedented big influx of daily commuters has gone to naught.

8.  The government has failed to concede or approve the said purchase of light rail vehicles in which it is so stipulated on the contract that government must only agree, no more no less.

9. There was,however, a change of the event. The government wanted to purchase additional trains and has MRTC aside of the participation.

10. MRTC reacted and showed disapproval of the government's move to do the purchase from manufacturer of the train, that turned out to be unreliable to build the train for they're inexperienced to produce the needed lrv's.

11. With these hullabaloos, who is in the losing end? MRTC? DOTC? The public?

12. Why this controversy be settled in court for arbitration? Is it necessary to do that? The dissatisfied party has to push it through without second thought?

13. What do you think the impression of the foreigner, especially the investor? Would our economy not be affected?

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