Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Could MRT Beep Card Drag Roxas Presidential Bid?

The 2012 hullabaloo on Beep Cards proposal for MRT commuters has been the issue in dragging Roxas presidential candidacy. Try to consider the following scenarios culled from the news:

Credit Card - Pixabay
1. Beep is the brand that the Ayalas created for the reloadable contactless smart card.

2. Beep card is issued in place of the magnetic card-based system in paying rail-based rapid transit transportation fares in, and to and fro the Metro Manila.

3. Beep Cards system is benefiting the riding public of free cards if implemented.

4. The first one million passengers are entitled for these and they would just only pay for the load until 2019.

5. There are 1.5 million beep cards which are now in circulation. The commuters would be spending  P30 million for for the Beep cards for they cost them P20 per card.

6. Eight new trains would be available to be used by commuters by the end of March or the first week of April.

7. Four of these trains have already arrived and the other four are on their way to be delivered. These 8 trains would serve the Filipino commuters everyday.

8. Coalition spokesman and Akbayan Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez said there are "concrete, specific and realistic set of solutions" such as follows: additional road infrastructure, an innovative new bus franchising system, and improved enforcement and regulation.

9. Presidential bet Mar Roxas won't be left behind for his "comprehensive and well-grounded plans" in giving solutions to the existing problems on MRT.

10.  By principle Mar Roxas is not affected with the issue of MRT inefficiency for it is the right of more than 600,000 commuters to demand service, to be impatient of the delay.

11. That situation is understandable and it should be given due respect for it is the commuter's right.

12. Then MRT-3 general manager Al Vitangcol allegedly described Mr. Roxas as "in a habit of ignoring letters."  without elaborating it.

13. The decision for Mar Roxas' presidential bid is in your hands.

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