Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks in Any Way

1. A family that stays together in a thanksgiving could be together forever.

2. Failing to give thanks in return for a little help received is ingratitude in big expense.

3. A smile is a form of giving thanks to a personal big or small for a courtesy extended to you.

4. Never curse someone who fails you because he/she has assisted you in a wrong way. Give him/her thanks instead.

5. Receiving less of what you expect from your company you worked with is not a reason not to be thankful with.

6. A simple nod from someone who is talking to you is a big appreciation for his'/hers'.

7. When you're unable to give back a word of thanks to someone who has helped you in public, you can return it back by a secret prayer of thanks.

8. Receiving a generous gift unexpectedly is a thanksgiving for an effort of the pauper.

9. Recognition in public with a fanfare is a politician's way of giving thanks.

10. Shedding a tear is a humble way of the oppressed to acknowledge a gift or a blessings they received which they never expect to have it in the rest of their lives. 

11. Ingratitude is the sins of all ages.

12. The first line of a prayer is thanking the Lord for His goodness, kindness and mercy.

13. "In everything give thanks," the Bible says.

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1 comment:

Joy said...

"Thank you" is what i call a magic word that needs to be taught and learned from childhood pa lang :)


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