Saturday, January 17, 2015

Praying Is Doing Right

by Gil Camporazo

On praying
On Praying
1. Friendship develops because of trust and confidence. And it is right.

2. Just a mere misunderstanding, friends tend to separate ways. And that is not good.

3. Gossip springs out of jealousy, envy and inferiority. And those are some of bad practices.

4. Gossip spreads like wild fire which consumes  friendship, intimacy and razes them down to naught. And this should be avoided.

5. A genuine friendship grows and edifies those in a circle and in a process, trust and confidence are nurtured.

6. To nurture confidence is doing what is right in a compromise. And it really works.

7. It's a fact that truth hurts and reality spells out amendments, humility for speedy recovery. What else?

8. "You" are the center of truth and no one in "evil", but always be careful temptation lurks somewhere.

9. Evil connotes anything from notoriety to infamy, but turning it back there's something to "live" for time and eternity.

10. There is a Supreme Being who is the Father of creation and there is one of Intelligences that rebelled and created confusion.

11. Believe it or not; you're one of those responsible to work for misunderstanding among the members of your group.

12. Finding it hard to accept reality for you've led the chaos and even perpetuated it for worse.

13. Doing what is right is like taking a bent knees, bowing your head, and closing eyes for a prayer.

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