Monday, August 22, 2011

Why This Is So?

Question Mark
1. Forgetting to thank God for all He'd done for us is ingratitude, the sin of all ages.

2. Jesus loves you for you're the reason of His sacrifice.

3. It's easy to fall in love, but some are too heavy to be caught.

4. When opportunity comes, take it and nurture it for others to benefit too.

5. There are soft things that you can hardly get through.

6. Among the numerous people in the world, you are different. So don't be indifferent.

7. To effect change, why try "untested methods" when the tested ones are not perfected?

8. Forgiveness is also hard, if you are forgiving but others are not.

9. Mistakes cannot be corrected by doing another mistakes.

10. Reading a Bible does not require you to be religious. But to be aware of the thoughts and minds of the Lord God.

11. The past is over and done, and cannot be changed, but it can be strengthened and corrected in the present.

12. We badly hurt others but later love them best. We realize that they're God's precious jewels; For without them we have no salvation.

13. Someone who follows you in REAL LIFE is the HOLY GHOST that serves as your constant companion and makes your CONSCIENCE works for you.

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