Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Morning Has Broken'

1. We have to mend our days for "morning has broken"

2. You read to be informed and you lead to effect reform.

3. Writing is like finding friends. The writer chooses the best words for others to keep company with.

4. You've not done something wrong. Why ask for an apology? It's hypocrisy in disguise.

5. Look back for no one is ahead of you. Look ahead for you're the only one who's behind.

6. Every time you wake up in the morning, what comes to your mind? Your sweetheart? Your job? The food to eat? Hhmmm... It should be the LORD.

7. Don't go beyond your capacity to do or else you'll be disappointed.

8. Persons who do not have any problem are abnormal. Abnormals do not know what problem is.

9. Taking picture is capturing memories which the mind couldn't hold onto.

10. Tell a woman that she's beautiful. She'll believe you in a moment. Tell her that she's very beautiful. She'll erect you a monument.

11. Heart is like a glass. It gets broken. But to patch it up you have to mend it.

12. A dead man tell no tale. A dying man will tell a woman she is wrong.

13. Terse phrases or sentences make one wise and quick thinker.

Morning Has Broken - Pan Pipes Of The Andes

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