Monday, October 21, 2013

Election Season in PH Setting

1. Election is held for the people to exercise their right to vote

2. Suffrage is valuable for every vote to vote for the candidates whom they like.

3. Election time is the best opportune season for the candidate to show their best in serving their constituents.

4. Money is aplenty during election period.

5. Those who are running for seem to be friendly, helpful and resourceful.

6. Every candidate is most seen in any social gathering, public forum, meeting, and even in funeral services.

7. No one possesses the best qualifications; everything seems to be faked.

8. Dirty tricks are common among runners and followers of the candidates.

9. Vote buying is the best strategy in winning the election, but cannot be proven.

10. Voter's life is under threat and even every member of his family's future is at stake.

11. Elected officials, after election, are being served by the people, instead of serving the people.

12. Losing candidate is unlikely to concede for his defeat for he claimed he has been tricked.

13. Election final results are always contested for anomaly.

(n.b. This is not to discount those candidates who are qualified and determined to serve the people. But unluckily they have not made it for lack of financial support, political machinery, among others.)


joy said...

Election campaign period here is our place is always festive, people can always choose the best ones for almost everyone knows the running candidates.

So far, the past elections has been peaceful and fair, wishing it will be the same on this coming Barangay Election too.

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I wonder why the barangay elections is not a regular holiday. Because it's just a special non-working holiday, office operations would be normal on Monday and I cannot vote.

gm said...

The truth is that elections for me is the most depressing time of the year. I wish one day there'd be genuine change and we'd actually get the best of the best to lead us.

Franc Ramon said...

I guess with all our complain in the recent controversies,all of this starts with our basic right to vote so we should exercise our right to choose.

lencilicious said...

It's election again there? What positions if I may ask?

ralph said...

let us just hope for the best, with a lot of prayers, that we may give the seat to people that's right for the job. Yahweh bless.

Marie, shiny pearl said...

It's quite sad how our elections are becoming a reflection of dishonesty...let'sjust hope there'd be a change, somehow.


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