Monday, January 13, 2014

New Business Styles in 2014

Year of the Horse banner
1. Year 2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese calendar. Whoever is the fastest will come out conqueror and becomes the winner.

2. New year is usually welcome by a big bang to drive away the evil spirits according to traditions.

3. A series of things to do for the coming are resolutions written by both kids and adults, which usually remained unaccomplished.

4. People usually have plans for the work to be one in the new year, but do not work those plans.

5. Business in 2014 is in tight competition among business conglomerates. New business styles will be sprouting.

6. Those who are the fastest in running always win the race.

7. It pays to be careful always for swindlers and cheaters are dressed in a wealthy or professional apparel.

8. Money spent unwisely is a money well spent if it is donated to charity and orphanage.

9. clean money is earned from a day's of accomplishment coupled with the virtue of honesty and industry.

10. Quick thinking is best in a spur of a moment.

11, Things that easy to remember are easily be forgotten.

12. Working smart is better than working hard.

13. If in doubt, don't accept any gift especially if it is a wooden horse.

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