Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PH Politics 2016: To be or Not to be?

Many ambitious Filipino want to try their luck in Politics. Philippine Presidential Election 2016 comes at nigh. And the President Aquino himself is no excuse of this. Though he is adamant to run again for the law so prohibits it. But in PH politics, anything will happen naturally. Besides his allies are expressing their support already.

To be or not to be box
1. It seems out of track for every incumbent country's head or executive to run again for another term.

2. But in the Philippines, many mysterious will happen in the field of politics for popularity for many wants it.

3. No cha-cha should be pushed through, but charter change should  be done with no more reelection. Political allies so declare it And it sounds absurd.

4. The voices of the bosses should be respected, should be heard. PNoy has said.

5. In the general point of view of the Filipino, the bid of the present President PNoy to continue his last term to another uncertain term of governance may sound nincompoop.

6. Experience said: in a short span of time or even years, poverty reduction is next to impossible to attain due to power play and politics.

7. Priority project funds become an essential needs of every lawmakers in the country and where greed and dishonesty actually emanate.

8. Social injustice especially inflicted to the journalists has fallen into government's deaf ears and no justice given them.

9. Power struggle in the law making body like the house of representatives and the house of senate is uncontrollable due to politics again.

10. Plain and simple politics find no place in the Philippine culture and governance because of political dynasty and power and riches.

11. The "matuwid na daan", a battle cry of Aquino's political career is attainable virtually. Many doesn't want to tread on it.

12. It is one thing to say in public and another it thing to accomplish it. Water and oil don't mix.

13. Could President Benigno Aquino III make it in 2016 if he is allowed by the constitution to run again? So be it.

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