Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Cradle, No Christ?

by Gil Camporazo

Jesus on Cradle
Jesus on Cradle
1. Traditionally we're reminded of this a line from song, "Hark the herald angels sing; glory to the new born king".

2. It further says that Christ is born in Bethlehem. Thus, Jesus is here on earth.

3. This incidence is commonly portrayed among Christians in a Nativity tableau, participated in by kids and even adults.

4. What Christmas has brought to mankind! Again, we're re.minded that "war is over" in Vietnam in Christmas Day as depicted on the popular song of the same title of the The Beatles.

5. "So this is Christmas and a happy new year" expressed world renown singer, Celine Dion.

6. Songs are too many relaying what Christmas is about, Jesus' birth, peace and goodwill toward men.

7. Jesus is the central figure why Christmas is celebrated all over the world. True or false?

8. However, Jesus is not the answer to all forms of evil.

9. Others terribly hate Christmas when they're being greeted. They've their ideology to vehemently abhor it.

10. December 25 now becomes dubious for it isn't the appropriate date for Jesus' birth, reliable source claimed.

11. What happens when there's no Jesus? No Christmas? No scripture? Bible?

12. "There is no God" - can you blame the fool who says that?

13. Whatever it is, Christmas has influenced anyone, any nation, people, beliefs and traditions that the Savior of all mankind is born.

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