Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Christmas Tree Out of Nothing

by Gil Camporazo

My little Christmas Tree
My Little Christmas Tree
1. Children, big or small, find it so excited when it's Christmas time.

2. Toys, presents, gifts abound, either cheap, expensive whatever cost are they.

3. All over our country Christmas is generally observed by all folks.

4. Christmas carols, foreign and local are filling the airlanes as young and old humming, singing them with gladness.

5. Markets, malls, commercial centers and even small stores are selling Yuletide presents, gifts, products purposedly for gift-giving.

6. In this holiday seasons everybody seems aplenty for shopping malls are mostly filled by them.

7. Whether Christians or non-Christians are happy about it, enjoying within themselves for it's not only for kids but for adults too.

8. When I was a kid my family didn't have much for Christmas though we felt and wanted to observe it in our silent way of doing it.

9. Sad to say, my school participation was so limited especially when our class was having a Christmas party. I regretfully missed it so much.

10. Deep in my heart, I'm so anxious to do it in my own unique way by just looking those classmates of mine and those people who were enjoying the season of Christmas.

11. "Do I have my own Santa Claus," I asked myself believing that I could have one also for myself. Thanks, my mother assured me and wanted me to hang a pair of empty socks near the window.

12. What about a Christmas tree? I asked mother to provide one. She just nodded her head without a single word. So I kept on waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing happened.

13. Despondent, crestfallen I was for I had no choice until I found a small bush along the road and made it into a humble Christmas tree with plastic toys I bought from the Sar-Sari store and put the tree near our window. Then I was fulfilled.


Hazel Asoy said...

I do love Christmas, whether we have new clothes, gifts or food or not I enjoy the spirit of Christmas :) Merry Christmas

RM Bulseco said...

Christmas is my fave season kasi maraming food! And it's the time of the year when everyone seems nice and generous. HAHA

Debarpan said...

I love christmas and santa claus both..They are truly awesome.

Franc said...

I guess even a makeshift Christmas tree could be more special than the commercialized one if its built from the heart. Merry Christmas Sir Gil.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Everybody loves Christmas! specially the little kids.


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