Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going to School Is No Fun

by Gil Camporazo

1. What would I be when I grow up? This question has bothered for I don’t know what to take up when I go to college.

2. Since I was in my primary grades I used to see my fellow school mates were too excited when closing of the school year is fast approaching.

3. Do I need to be excited too like them? I asked myself.

4. My late mother, I remember, asked me on how my schooling a month or so before the final closing of the school. I got no word to answer her right away.

5. My interest started to develop when I saw some bright pupils kept on competing for honors. They’re so confident of themselves to excel.

6. A day before the closing exercises was scheduled for the recognition day. As I saw the honor pupils one by one coming up the stage to receive their medal and certificate of recognition, I talked to myself, “I want someday to be one of them being recognized as an honor pupil.”

7. My wish came true when I completed my grade six level. My mother went up the stage to pin me the ribbon for being the outstanding pupil in Industrial Arts.

8. That memorable incident became my springboard in striving for more honors and recognition in my high days, but to no avail.

9. Competition in the high school is too stiff besides unhealthy practice of favoritism among the teachers and class advisers.

10. I just maintained my high grades and all throughout the four years I remained in the A-1 class section until I finished my secondary course with no honors.

11. Going to college seems to be impossible for me to pursue for my parents couldn’t afford the high tuition fees and other extra-curricular payments.

12. Is money a problem? Is there no way or means to get just to take an affordable tertiary course?

13. God so  provides. I applied as a working student in the college and I was granted with a limited number of units per subject.

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