Monday, December 07, 2015

Election Fever: Who's the Best?

by Gil Camporazo

Elections 2016 in the Philippine settings are something to watch, something to monitor especially on how on the Presidential and Vice Presidency bets.  This would be the 16th President of the Philippines to succeed President Noynoy Aquino.

1. People mourn for the corruption of the government made left and right.

2. Noted persons and public government officials were meted the reasonable penalty for corruption.

3. The President as the head of the country is always blamed for the problems of the country like traffic, crimes, and poor economy.

4. Finger-pointing is the common practice among the people in finding faults with the government.

5. Solutions for this country's dismal situation is the forthcoming national elections.

6. Presidential election is believed to be the immediate remedy to the appalling country's international image.

7. Self-anointed saviors come out in the open to show themselves of their ability to head the country.

8. Federalism is one of the best solution ever conceived by a presidential aspirant to rectify the weakling government.

9. Presidential aspirant who believes for herself as the best option to lead the country is dragged to her disqualification for non-residency in the country.

10. Nuisance candidates never surrender to push their candidacy for president for they claim they're qualified.

11. Party-list system finds its way too to alleviate the people's low standard of living particularly the marginal citizens of the country.

12. The COMELEC (Commission on Election) never sleeps for the voluminous petition papers on residency issue.

13. Whoever wins in the presidential election he or she is no superman or superwoman to remedy the various, haunting ills of the society.


bluedreamer27 said...

The president alone cannot end the corruption in our country.. it's a community effort and we should all take a part.. I'm wishing for a much better administration this coming years ^_^

Franc said...

The election fever has really been dirty and has generated a lot of online hate. I hope that eventually reason prevail over just popularity.

Richie B said...

We need to help educate the masses on the platforms and performance record of all aspiring candidates. Politics may be dirty but it doesn't mean people should not care about it.


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