Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Believing Is Seeing

1. To believe is to see, that is, the God's way. But for man, to see is to believe.

2. Everything that is good inspires. Everything bad expires... when He comes back sooner or later.

3. Don't force a square peg to fit into a round hole. That is nincompoopery.

4. Miracles happen for those who have strong and unwavering faith with God.

5. Everything that is gained in treacherous way will always end up to naught.

6. Enduring to the end is nothing more than overcoming the sliest "operating system" of the devil through his "online" thoughts.

7. Don't mistakenly worship God as Dog. That is idolatry which He abhors vehemently.

8. If you think you're right and I perceive it you're wrong. Therefore, you're right in a wrong way.

9. You can't buy love. But you can rent a friend and it is affordable.

10. In any natural catastrophe, many houses were destroyed for God has prepared many mansions in heaven. Repentance is needed. No one's sinless

11. Prices never go down for caprices and whims are too high.

12. If people nowadays will embrace the true doctrine of Jesus Christ, that is the greatest miracle that will ever happen to them.

13. Talking without thinking is like sailing in the middle of the sea with no direction where to go.

The Lettermen - I Believe

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