Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Prayer

1. Getting up everyday with prayer is like taking an early morning shower, feeling refreshed and having a peace of mind.

2. God's blessings come to your way, when you least expect them.

3. A day without a sunshine is like a night without a moonlight.

4. Holding on and letting go are two different things. The former is sticky. The latter is slippery.

5. In every country everybody is watching the President or their leader and only a handful of people is watching the critiques.

6. Happiness is inexplicable when you are not expecting it.

7. Staying at home and doing nothing is like a day without a sunshine.

8. Two lovers were inside a movie house and the light suddenly went out. What they did? They cursed the darkness for they couldn't see their way out.

9. A father should never neglect his family just like our Heavenly Father whose unfeigned love is beyond measure.

10. When you feel that you're about to get angry, count one to ten. And it will die out naturally.

11. Everyday a man is removing cobwebs from the ceiling. Until he finds the spider, removes it, and puts it outside. The next day, no more cobwebs.

12. Working hard for something that couldn't satisfy is killing yourself softly.

13. It is better to obey than to sacrifice. It's in obedience that your life is spared.

Andrea Bocelli - 03 - The Prayer With Celine Dion

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