Friday, August 26, 2011

Twitty Phrases

1. TWITTY is referred to a wisdom of a person who is an expert in his "on-line" of thinking.

2. Work done in haste is laid to waste.

3. Why bother when some of your followers "unfollowed" you? Better worried why you're out of your mind!

4. You cannot bring others up unless you are in a higher ground.

5. Home is most secured place in time of distress.

6. Since you're good in simple things, expect that you will be entrusted to do complicated responsibilities.

7. In taking a multiple-choice type of test, if you don't know the right answer, the first choice is always the correct one.

8. Humility is the best defense against pride.

9. One's handwriting reflects his own personality.

10. End-of-day test: Did you make someone feel glad? If not you failed indeed.

11. Be fixed in your purpose. The fight for sin is real.

12. In any form of fighting, don't watch your opponent's hands or feet. But look straight to his eyes and you'll overcome him.

13. Talking back against those who molded you is like kicking against the prick.

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