Monday, November 10, 2014

How Are You, Yolanda Victims?

1. Yolanda victims say, Prft! Foul! since the super typhoon Yolanda strongly hit and greatly devastated their place like Eastern part of the Philippines and it is already a year in the eyes, ears of her victims, dead or alive.

2. Several towns in the province of Leyte were totally wiped out, killing thousands of people and damage to crops and properties. Sad to note, in counting the number of casualties had been controversial.

3. Means of communications, land, air, sea were paralyzed. People in the nearby islands like Cebu, Negros, Panay, and Mindanao were worried for they found it too difficult to communicate with their relatives living in the typhoon-hit area.

4. The place was believed to be doomed for reasons that superstitious people living in that place only believed. PAGASA, however, had earlier made an announcement over the radio, TV and even in the internet on the coming of deadly typhoon ever hit the country.

5. Well, God is still so kind and merciful and the deadly typhoon has stopped. Relief and rescue operations had been made easy and on time.

6. Relief and rehabilitation efforts started. Help, assistance coming from all over the country and even from foreign countries kept on pouring.

7. National government came short of help and was practically blamed for being negligent and deficient in rendering timely service to the victims.

8. International celebrities even came to the rescue. They even held a concert just to amuse, relieve the victims from the stress, problems in any form they're facing.

9. At least, the Yolanda victims recovered from a year after that fateful day of November 8 when their place of abode was badly hit by the super typhoon. Politics didn't sleep. They played its part unstoppable.

10. Whatever the government has extended helped to them, President Benigno Aquino III was misunderstood for being slow in discharging his Presidential duties.

11. Misdirected aids were found by Commission on Audits (COA). The survivors vehemently clamored on that mishandling of help intended for them.

12. The survivors have all the know of the idle funds held by DSWD as per audit report. Why that funds unused when the victims are gaping for help in restoring their hope for shattered dreams brought by Yolanda.

13. Whatever matters, in time of crises, natural calamities, Filipino should set aside politics, personal aggrandizement. They should be united making Yolanda victims confidently saying, "All is well."

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